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What's your approach to 2009?
[2009-02-11] If you've attended any sort of time management, goal setting or time management class in high school or college, you'd feel that you might have been beaten over the head with the Vilfredo Pareto bat.

5 Questions to Ask Before You Say Yes to SaaS
[2008-10-29] Here are several excerpts from an excellent article by Thomas Wailgum, senior editor with, 5 Questions to Ask Before You Say Yes to SaaS:

Considered All Integration Issues Swithch to SaaS
[2008-10-29] Not surprisingly, SaaS vendors have decided there's no time like the present to make a full court sales press. In a down economy with slashed IT budgets, when there's no tolerance for 18-month software implementations and the price tags for on-premise software from Oracle and maintenance fees from SAP applications are not falling, software-as-a-service and cloud computing offerings become more attractive options for businesses.

Stay Focused on One Task at a Time
[2008-10-07] If you're one of those rare entrepreneurs that has the discipline to stay reasonably focused on what you should be working on, feel free to skip the rest of this article with the comforting knowledge that you have my admiration and envy.

Fantasy Business Player?
[2008-09-24] It's that time of the year. Fantasy football is just really getting traction with those of us who like to spend too much time doing those things. Each week you change your lineup and jockey for position to pick up some of the best bargains that no one identified yet.

Supersize Your Product Income in 3 Ways
[2008-09-10] When consulting with start-ups, the 1 trend I notice is that most entrepreneurs tend to underprice their products and services.

Amazon Web Services Start-Up Challenge
[2008-09-02] AWS Start-Up Challenge, a contest for entrepreneurs and start-ups that will award the winner $50,000 in cash, $50,000 in AWS credits, a potential investment offer from, and more. Submissions will be accepted until 3 Oct, 2008.

Recruiting the Best Startup Team is Crucial
[2008-08-20] I've been thinking a bit this past week about startup teams and what makes them work (or not work). Most people that are in and around startups will readily agree that recruiting the best team possible is critical to success.

Matching Small Business and Search Marketing
[2008-08-06] Do small business owners take advantage of search marketing the way they should? Often, they don't. If you own a small business and you're wondering what's passing you by, and more important;y, what's stopping you, read on. Small businesses that ignore search marketing might find their competitors leaving them behind.

Is Social Media Causing Espionage?
[2008-07-23] Nearly 1500 people have a window inside my daily actions and thoughts by subscribing to my feed and following me on Twitter. Over a thousand can see updates on what I do through Facebook. There are Flickr photos from the events that I head to and I publish the cities that I will be travelling to on Dopplr.

Having Adequate Risk Management Policies
[2008-07-09] One of the takeaways from my friend, Tyler Project managing partner Leonard Lin's experience of having his Facebook account suspended this past week, has been to manage your risk, especially in the area of technology risk management.

Beware All Start-Ups: Don't Show Google Your Wares
[2008-06-25] If LimitNone LLC wins the lawsuit it just filed against Google, it could send a warning signal to other start-ups: don't show Google your wares, because it will steal your technology out from under you.

Effective Lessons From A Product Launch
[2008-06-04] A few days ago, my startup HubSpot, launched a new app called Press Release Grader. It's not our core product, but a free tool for marketers and PR folks to analyze a press release and provide suggestions.

Advertising With Short-term benefits and Long-term Consequences
[2008-05-28] Banking heavyweight Chase has been blanketing the airwaves with a commercial that must be effective for them, because it's something they've used over and over for months. A shopper uses his phone right there in the store to get his credit balance, so he can decide how much to spend for a new TV.

How an Entrepreneur Can Raise Millions In Venture Funding
[2008-05-16] If you've been following for any period of time, you likely know that I'm not a big advocate of startup founders going out and trying to raise venture funding in the early stages.

Stop Hoping For Magic And Start Working
[2008-04-23] I've been in the startup business for a while and it still amazes me how many founders (including me at various points in my life) have completely irrational views on how life at a startup is going to be.

What Does Success Mean?
[2008-04-10] Success means a lot of things to a lot of people, but the bottom line, for most of us, is that success doesn't come easy. Most people who see someone else's "overnight success" cannot fathom the months or years of hard work, lost sleep and sacrifices made to achieve that success.

Accidental Branding - How Ordinary People Build Extraordinary Brands
[2008-04-02] I was sent an advance copy of the book Accidental Branding - How Ordinary People Build Extraordinary Brands by David Vinjamuri recently.

On-Line Reputation Managment Tips Rehashed
[2008-03-13] Some of you know Andy Beal. He is a reputation management expert and has written plenty on how to handle your online reputation management. Hey I even gave out 10 tips to help your reputation management in the past.

Can Linkbait Be Authoritative?
[2008-02-21] Link building is crucial, but linkbait tactics that worked this year may not be as effective next year. This session focuses on the underlying quality as well as ingenuity needed to get other websites to link to you early and often. It will also explain how you should approach journalists, bloggers and other authoritative sources to enhance your company's online reputation, whether or not you get links.

Networking On And Offline
[2008-02-06] John Jantsch posed a question a few days ago, "Is networking online really that different?"

Do Business Blogs or Email Newsletters Work Better for Marketing?
[2008-01-15] Whenever I put together a business proposal I include recommendations for appropriate Web marketing campaigns.

Do VCs Intend to Steal Companies After Funding Them?
[2008-01-04] There is an interesting article from Ask the VC - Do Venture Capitalists Fund A Company With An Intent To Steal It?

How do I create financials for my startup company?
[2007-12-26] I have been opening and closing Business Plan Pro 2007, I know what I need to get done, I have ideas in my head but a huge writers block. I know the financials needed but I do not know how to work them.

Overcoming Decision Paralysis
[2007-12-12] It's a terrifying feeling. It can strike any business person at any time.

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